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  • U.S. expert research shows record global aerospace industry revenue

    Reference News Network reported on July 19 that the US media said that in 2017, the global aerospace industry achieved direct income of 838 billion US dollars. This is the most significant number from a joint research project between American Aerodynamics and Teal. The study used consistent definitions and parameters across all market segments and countries.

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  • Who is the next one to be soared by small metals being hot?

    Following the outbreak of the A-share metal cobalt plate, the titanium dioxide plate took off in the past two days. Judging from the price increase of these two small metal markets, the price of cobalt has increased by nearly 125% in the past year, and titanium dioxide has also increased significantly by 90%. The industry price increase will gradually be transmitted to the profits of related companies, becoming a bright spotlight in the market. Small metal plate

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  • Chinese metal industry requires investigation of "malicious" short selling

    According to Reuters, industry sources said that a major association in the Chinese metal industry asked authorities to investigate "malicious" short selling of metals on the Shanghai Futures Exchange. This is the latest sign of panic among big metal producers about falling prices. Four sources said the call

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  • Devaluation of RMB boosts Chinese metal export competitiveness

    Right now, as the Chinese government takes action to guide the devaluation of the renminbi, the market expects the aforementioned exports to the price-sensitive metal industry may accelerate growth. Since the beginning of this year, the export of related metals has increased by more than 25%, and how much the market share of Chinese producers will increase will depend on the future after the initial depreciation.

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  • The rapid development of the Kentucky aluminum industry in the United States

    A report by the Aluminum Association ranks Kentucky as the most job-creating state in the US per capita aluminum industry. According to data from the Kentucky Department of Economic Development, there are approximately 200 aluminum-related companies in Kentucky. Since 2014

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  • China Railway Construction wins bid for Ecuador's copper mine engineering department's first overseas mineral investment

    Hong Kong media reported on July 3 that China Railway announced that its subsidiary, China Railway 19th Bureau, had won the bid for the open-pit mining and stripping project of the Mirado Copper Mine in Ecuador. According to a report on the website of the Hong Kong Economic Times on June 28, the project construction period is from the date of signing the contract to December 31, 2029, and the bid price was 9.2

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