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——2009年8月创办“ 乔锐精工 ”6名技术人员组成,投入设备3台CNC加工中心。 Founded - In August 2009, the company established 6 technicians of " Qiao Rui Seiko " and put in 3 CNC machining centers.

——拥有4000平方生产制造工厂,专业制造人员130余人,可提供加工设备,四轴加工中心20台,六轴走心机7台,数控车铣6台,粉末喷涂线1条,各种检测设备三坐标、投影仪齐全。 Now - has a 4000 square production and manufacturing plant, more than 130 professional manufacturing staff, can provide processing equipment, 20 four-axis machining center, 7 six-axis machine, 6 CNC milling, 1 powder coating line, various testing The equipment has three coordinates and the projector is complete.

development of:

6 月成为高铁 VIP 座椅合格供应商。 In June 2010 , it became a qualified supplier of high-speed rail VIP seats.

3 月加拿大建立业务关系与销售代表处成立, 同时在中国区协助航空 & 医疗零部件 OEM 代加工。 In March 2014 , Canada established a business relationship and sales representative office, and assisted in the processing of aviation & medical parts OEMs in China .

In 2015 , a laser project R&D team was formed.

In 2016 , the first generation of laser intelligent cutting head, welding head, cladding head, and second generation CNC mechanical hand pulse generator were developed.

( 江苏 ) 有限公司》做为品牌推向市场。 In 2017 , we developed an automatic welding robot and established “Gangchun Laser Technology ( Jiangsu ) Co., Ltd.” as a brand to market.

Honorary title:

A 级供应商与战略伙伴。 In 2011 , it was rated as a Class A supplier and strategic partner by the high-speed rail .

In 2016 , it was rated as a high-tech enterprise by the provincial government and awarded certificates and rewards.

In 2017 , it was praised by American industrial camera customers as “service industry in manufacturing”.

AAA 级资信企业。 In 2018 , it was rated as AAA credit enterprise by Jiangsu Xincheng .

In 2018 , he was awarded the Kunshan Science and Technology Research and Development Center and was awarded the license.

Management system:

ISO9001 国际质量管理体系认证。 In 2011 , it passed the ISO9001 international quality management system certification.

AS9100C 航空质量管理体系认证。 In 2018 , it passed the AS9100C aviation quality management system certification.

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