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China Railway Construction wins bid for Ecuador's copper mine engineering department's first overseas mineral investment

Date: 2018-02-26 Popularity: 604

Hong Kong media reported on July 3 that China Railway announced that its subsidiary, China Railway 19th Bureau, had won the bid for the open-pit mining and stripping project of the Mirado Copper Mine in Ecuador.

According to a report on the website of the Hong Kong Economic Times on June 28, the project construction period is from the date of signing the contract to December 31, 2029, the bid price was 920 million U.S. dollars, equivalent to 6.068 billion yuan, which accounted for 0.89 of the company's operating income last year. %.

The reporter was informed that on June 28, the China Railway Nineteenth Bureau Group successfully won the open-pit mining and stripping project of the Mirado copper mine in Ecuador. The bid amount was US $ 919.99975 million, or approximately RMB 6.068 billion.

Ecuador's Mirado Copper Mine is China Iron & Steel's first overseas mineral investment project and the country's first large-scale solid mine development project. After completion, it can select 20 million tons of ore per year and produce 96,000 tons of copper per year. The successful bid is the third major breakthrough in Ecuador following the stripping project and acid reservoir project of the copper mine in the infrastructure phase of the China Railway 19th Bureau Group.

With the deepening of diversified operations, China Railway Nineteenth Bureau Group's market share in domestic and foreign mines has been expanding year by year. It has more than 2,000 sets of world-leading large-scale machinery for mining construction, with a daily mining and stripping capacity of 1 million cubic meters and an annual mining and stripping capacity of 3 One hundred million cubic meters. Relying on the brand and credibility in the mining construction market, give full play to its own advantages, and realize the simultaneous implementation of non-metallic mine construction to metal and non-metallic mine construction, from pure open-pit mining to open-air and underground operations, and from a single mine construction to capital The leapfrogging of both operations has become the vanguard of mining operations in China Railway Construction System and a powerful force in the mining construction industry at home and abroad.

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