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The rapid development of the Kentucky aluminum industry in the United States

Date: 2018-05-29 Popularity: 594

A report by the Aluminum Association ranks Kentucky as the most job-creating state in the US per capita aluminum industry. According to data from the Kentucky Department of Economic Development, there are approximately 200 aluminum-related companies in Kentucky. Since the beginning of 2014, Kentucky has announced about 100 new facilities or expansion projects for the recycling and downstream aluminum industries. The government has provided more than $ 3 billion in funding for business investment. The Kentucky aluminum industry created a total of 3,050 full-time jobs.

With the shrinking of major US production capacity, many manufacturers are using recycled aluminum as their primary raw material, which has also driven the development of many new recycling facilities and the expansion of existing facilities. They primarily serve the growing automotive industry. The explosive growth of Kentucky aluminum production is also closely related to the automotive industry. Jack Mazurak, head of communications for the Economic Development Cabinet of the State of Taki, said "aluminum's prosperity is almost entirely driven by the needs of the automotive industry."

Owl's Head alloy is a secondary aluminum recycling company based in Kentucky. Under the tax incentives of the Kentucky Economic Development Agency, the company has begun a US $ 3 million facility expansion in February 2018. The project is expected to create 17 direct jobs. "Our main business is still automotive aluminum," said Kevin Mays, chief financial officer of Owl's Head alloy.

Kentucky is also the hub for most secondary aluminum producers in North America. Currently the largest aluminum project in the state is Braidy Industries' US $ 1.5 billion aluminum plant that began construction on June 1 near Ashland, Grinnap County. The plant will produce aluminum plates and related products for the US automotive, aerospace, and defense industries.

In the future development of the aluminum industry, the United States will continue to be one of the most popular participants, mainly due to the growing demand for aluminum, recycling and expansion of downstream industries

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